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Debbie Webster Barrie, ON

We recently built a privacy fence in our backyard and because of mature trees and established gardens could not get a contractor to dig our post holes. After 2 days of hand digging(due to an insane amount of rock back-fill) we were finally at the fence post installation stage. In honesty, both my husband and myself were not looking forward to hauling a ton of concrete/wheelbarrowing it etc to the site of the project to set the posts. We came across a product at Lowes called Fast 2K which looked unbelievably easy. We asked one of their associates about the product and he only knew that they sold a lot of it but had no personal experience with the product. He gave us his card and asked us to give him feedback on what we thought so he could tell other customers. We costed it out and it came in at just a fraction over the traditional method. As it shows on the bag and the website(we checked it out in Lowes on our Iphone before buying) you simply remove the centre plastic piece and shake the bag back and forth and pour into the hole. Seriously!! It foams up almost instantly and just like advertised is hard almost instantly as well. We set all our posts in record time with insane ease. My husband and neighbours on both sides of our property were skeptical as to its strength so after 5 hours my husband actually did sundry things to exert pressure on the first pole installed to ensure it was truly set soundly. All was well. We have used the concrete method on a prior fence installation and it was backbreaking and time consuming. We were thrilled, this product was so easy to use and with the bonus of no clean up etc. put us ahead of our time schedule to build the fence. We would not hesitate to use the Fast2K for another project. The fact that when dry it will not rot was also a selling factor for us as the fence we are removing was set in cement and the posts rotted and made the fence unstable. The Fast 2K proved to be what is advertised and more importantly to the average DIY homeowner was fast/easy/effortless. A bonus when tackling home reno projects yourself.

Terry Fikowski

I was helping my daughter build a wooden fence at her home, plus put a gate into a chain link fence at the back of her property, which is on a park boundary. We used Fast 2K to set all the posts (including the metal ones) so we could proceed with building virtually instantly. My Grandchildren couldn't stay far away because they wanted to see the "magic" foam! Every bit as solid as concrete, a lot less work, and so fast setting. Congratulations on a great product and much more success in the future.

Norm Legare

Vice President of the North American Fence Contractors Association Past President of the American Fence Association Past President of the Canadian Fence Industry Association

I have been in the fence business at all levels for more than 35 years and can honestly say that Fast 2K dramatically increased our productivity and profitability. Where it used to take hours to mix 50lb bags of conventional dry mix concrete and wheel barrow it to the holes, my crews could mix Fast 2K in 30 seconds with no mixer or water needed. My crews loved the 2lb bags of Fast 2K versus two 50lb. concrete bags per hole and were able to do a lot more setting of posts and building of fences not having to wait for the concrete to cure usually until next day. We all love it. More production more profit and less back pain too. A great combination for the success in the fence business.

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